Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Zuppa alla Paves-Tough to say,easy to make!

Zuppa alla Paves can be easily called as the bread and egg soup. Besides being simple in ingredients, the soup has great delightfulness. According to a legend this soup was invented by a farmer and it was served to a King who had lost a battle and was wandering in the forest. Nobody knows about the reality of this legend but one thing is for sure and that is, it's recipe is really old. The soup has a great nourishing property and it shoul be served for lunch during the winters.

How to make Zappa alla Paves Soup?
(Serves One)

Zuppa Alla Paves Soup


* Eggs - 2
* A bread slice
* A beef stock cube
* Finely grated Parmesan cheese to sprinkle generously.
* A knob of butter
* An oven proof dish

Process :

*First of all,put the oven proof dish in the oven so that we get it hot ,later,when required.
*Cut a slice of bread
*Remove the hard brown crust from it and cut the big slic into two halves.
*Dissolve the stock cube in ¾ pint of boiling water to prepare the stock.
*Melt the butter in some shallow pan.
*Fry the bread in such a way that it turns golden on both the sides.
*When the bread has been fried properly, take the oven proof dish out of the oven.
*Keep the bread inside the dish by pressing it firmly.
*Break the eggs upon the bread and sprinkle cheese.
*Now the dish is ready for adding the stock.
*Add boiling stock to the dish.
*Cover the dish for 2-3 minutes so that the eggs get partially cooked by the steam of the stock

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