Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Piadiana Flat Bread

Another very yummy and delicious Piadiana Flat Bread will add some more flavour to you day. to prepare it needs 45 min, and you require 2-3 min to cook and you will serve four to six people, all you need is :
A heaped teaspoon of salt for seasoning 15 g (½ oz) of Baking powder 100g (4 oz) of pork lard 1 kg (2.2 lb) of white flour (Italian “00” flour or equivalent)

Piadiana Flat Bread

Spread flour on flatboard make a well , put salt and baking powder and add lard in the flour, if you have kept in freezer then dont forget to take out a night before. Take some hot water, put very small quantity on to the lard, and make it melt. Make sure the lard is melted, now start working the dough . It should be externally smooth, should not be too hard too soft, now wrap it in muslin, and put plastic bag. Now take a small ball, flat it with rolling pin. All the side should have same thickness and make it clockwise. Now piadina is ready, take a flat pan put it on cooker. Put it on the pan, you ill see a few bubbles make ure the surface is flat. Then check bottom surface should be of light brown colour now turn other side. Now the piadina is all ready.Cut it into slices. Now place dry cured ham or coppa over piadina. Wonderful Piadiana Flat Bread is ready.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sicilian Vegetable Stew

This yummy recipe will take 2 hours foe preparation and 40 min to cook. You can serve six people. All you need is:
1 Courgette that is (sliced)
75 ml (3 fl oz) of Extra virgin olive oil (for the initial sauté)
500 g of (1.1 lb) Aubergines (diced)
1 Celery stalk (sliced)
100 ml (4 fl oz) of White wine vinegar
25 g (1 oz)of Pine kernels
10 g (1 tbs) of Sugar
25 g (1 oz) Raisins
25 g (1 oz) of Capers
400 g (14 oz)of Chopped tomatoes
2 Bell peppers one yellow and one red-sliced into strips
½ tbs of Dry basil finely chopped 5 leaves of fresh basil alternatively
75 g (3 oz) of Green olives (stoned and cut in half)
300 g (11 oz) of Potatoes (diced)
60 g (2 ½ oz) of Sun dried tomatoes, that preserved in oil will also work 750 ml of Light olive oil for the frying of the aubergine, celery and courgette and celery For seasoning salt and black pepper

Siclian Vegetable Stew

You can start with, the first step is Dice the aubergines, put them into colander add lots of salt, and leave for couple of hours, salt is used to extract the bitter dark juice from the aubergines, after two hours rinse the aubergines, before frying them pat them dry.

Then you prepare the rest vegetables, cut slices of courgette into 3 mm as well as of celery.
Peel off the skin of peppers and cut them into strips, 5cm long and 5mm thick.
Now the vegetables are ready to be fried, timing of frying would be dictated by the aubergines, because they need to cleaning before use, when they are read, fry the vegetables.Before frying revive the raisins soaking them in lukewarm water for about 15-20 minutes, then drain them.
Put light olive oil and heat it, then fry aubergines, after 4 min remove them. Fry courgette and celery. for four four min respectively, using same oil and remove them.
Mix three vegetables together.
To prepare initial sauté, Put the extra virgin olive oil into a large pan and start to sauté the onion., when onion starts softening then add the peppers and continue with the sauté. Stir well so that both onion and pepper are well coated with oil, make onion golden brown, now add chopped tomatoes.Stir well. Now add dry basil,then diced potatoes, stir well if sauce is dry then add half a glass ( roughly 100 ml) of boiled water. .Cook it for 10 min.
After 10 min, add sugar and vinegar,then capers and kernels. Now add raisins, green olives, dried tomatoes, stir well add salt, pepper, now add fried vegetables, stir well and cook it for 20 min After 20 min remove the pan, better serve it cool. You can add bread also,Use some home made bread to prepare a bruschetta-like dish. Slice the bread. You need to heat a cast iron heat pan,now grill the bread from both the sides. Finally,serve the vegetable stew over a slice of bread.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Arancini Di Riso

An Italian recipe named Arancini Di Riso is very yummy and fast to cook, Arancini Di Riso means "oranges" made with rice, it take 15min for preparation.For boiling the rice it takes around 45 minutes. You can make around 20 arancini di riso all you need is:

Arancini Di Riso

1 Kg Rice (”Originario” variety or “Roma” variety)
0.15-020 g of Saffron powder (usually 1 sachet)
2.5 litres of water
40 g of Coarse salt
100 g of Butter
300-400 g of Ragù sauce
2 Buffalo mozzarella (cut in little dice)
300 g of Dried breadcrumbs should be finely grated
1 litre of sunflower oil for the deep frying
300 g of Peas (boil for 7-8 minutes in lightly salted water)


Take water in big pan and heat when it is tepid,you add salt and put rice then and stir.
Make the water gentle boil and add saffron.
After 20 min the rice is ready, make sure it should not stick to pan.
Cut butter in small pieces and spread over a working surface..
Mix butter with right and let the rice cooled down.
Make rice balls resembles orange size.
Then have your ragù ready..
Fill the balls with one spoon of peas, one spoon of ragù and a dice of mozzarella.Then pack it tightly.
Put these arancino through breadcrumbs, they should be very dry and finely grated.Then deep fry them.
Oil temperature should be 170-180 °C and fry all the arancini make them golden.
After getting golden remove them from oil, put them on Kitchen paper you can eat them cool as well warm.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pasta with Bottarga Sauce

Very tempting and delicious, this recipe is a kind of super delicacy for those who love seafood. This mouth watering Italian recipe named Pasta with Bottarga Sauce, is fast to cook good to eat.The ingredients are :

(It will serve four)
400 g spaghetti or Squid ink linguine
60 ml of Extra virgin olive oil
100 g mullet roe or Tuna roe
1 Garlic clove
For seasoning ground black pepper.
Handful of flat leaf parsley, should be roughly chopped.

1.Grate the cod roe,like you grate piece of Parmesan cheese
2.Then boil linguine past, mean while start preparing sauce
3.Pour olive into the pan, let it get heated a bit then add garlic(slices).
4.Make the garlic golden in colour, then remove it from the pan.
5.Leave the oil to cool down about a minute.
6.You add 2/3 of the grated cod roe into pan.
7.Stirr well
8.2/3 of the parsley to be added into pan.
9.Season it with black pepper
10.Now add two spoonfuls of the boiling water that was used for boiling pasta.
11. Stir to make it creamy mix.
12.Sauce is ready,let the pasta get cooked properly.
13.After the pasta is cooked before draining it, heat the pan containing the sauce (high heat).
14.Drain the pasta but leave it slightly wet
15.Add pasta to sauce pan
16.Sprinkle with remaining grated cod roe.
17.Then sprinkle remaining parsley and stir. the delicious pasta is ready to eat.