Monday, April 19, 2010

Pasta with Bottarga Sauce

Very tempting and delicious, this recipe is a kind of super delicacy for those who love seafood. This mouth watering Italian recipe named Pasta with Bottarga Sauce, is fast to cook good to eat.The ingredients are :

(It will serve four)
400 g spaghetti or Squid ink linguine
60 ml of Extra virgin olive oil
100 g mullet roe or Tuna roe
1 Garlic clove
For seasoning ground black pepper.
Handful of flat leaf parsley, should be roughly chopped.

1.Grate the cod roe,like you grate piece of Parmesan cheese
2.Then boil linguine past, mean while start preparing sauce
3.Pour olive into the pan, let it get heated a bit then add garlic(slices).
4.Make the garlic golden in colour, then remove it from the pan.
5.Leave the oil to cool down about a minute.
6.You add 2/3 of the grated cod roe into pan.
7.Stirr well
8.2/3 of the parsley to be added into pan.
9.Season it with black pepper
10.Now add two spoonfuls of the boiling water that was used for boiling pasta.
11. Stir to make it creamy mix.
12.Sauce is ready,let the pasta get cooked properly.
13.After the pasta is cooked before draining it, heat the pan containing the sauce (high heat).
14.Drain the pasta but leave it slightly wet
15.Add pasta to sauce pan
16.Sprinkle with remaining grated cod roe.
17.Then sprinkle remaining parsley and stir. the delicious pasta is ready to eat.

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