Thursday, May 14, 2009

Famous Italian Beverages

Italian beverages contain both hard as well as soft drinks. Italian beverages offer plenty of variety of things for you. Non-alcoholic beverages are also available.
Some famous Italian beverages are:-

It is a hot drink .preferable drink after meal.Its a rich chocolate coffee.

Root beer
Root Beer:-
It is very popular Italian beverage.Those who like to drink ,Root beer is the good choice for them.Not only in Italy ,it is also famous in other part of the world.

Its a non alcoholic drink.It is a fruit juice.Citric in taste.Its colour is same like Coco-Cola.It is not sweet,little bit bitter in taste.

It is a term which is used for brewing.Italy is famous for its coffee. After all the meals they would like to have coffee.Espresso is a kind of coffee which is brewing with the help of machine.

You may have this drink after a meal.Through this you can settle down your food.You have variety of annazzacaffe like Bitters, Grappa, Sambuca, Mirto, and

Lemon soda:-
As name indicates ,this drink is made up of lemon pulp.You can have it after your meal as it is good for digestion.

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