Saturday, May 16, 2009

Italian breads

Italian breads are very famous in all over the world.Italian have plenty of variety in breads.Some of the famous breads of italy are:-

1.Ciabatta:-It is a white bread. Made up of yeast and white flour.This bread is popular across europe and United states. And mostly used for making sandwich.

2.Muffuletta:- It is atype of silican bread. This bread is all use for making sandwich. The bread is large, round in shape,and some what flat.

3.Pane carasau:- It is round thin and crispy.It is made by baked flat bread. This bread is eaten either dry or wet.

4.Grissino:-It is a kind of bread stick. It is long crispy and thin.Salted in taste.

5.Panettone:-This bread is like a bun.Its taste is little bit sweet.People of italy use this bread onm some occassion.

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