Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top 5 restaurants in Italy

Osteria del Porcellino
1.Osteria del Porcellino - Florence, Italy
This restaurant is famous for the people who are the lover of meat.You will get traditional meat dishes here. This restaurant is pretty reasonable. If you get a chance to go Florence then don't forget to go this restaurant.

Alle Testiere - Venice, Italy
2.Alle Testiere - Venice, Italy
Shrimps dishes are very famous here. This restaurant is really brings new meaning to sweet shrimp.Even in its raw forms, it is not fishy in any way but tastes so amazing.You can find this restaurant in uk or in us also.

Donna Rosa - Montepertuso, Italy
3.Donna Rosa - Montepertuso, Italy
Here you will get fresh and delicious food, with reasonable prices.It's a beautiful restaurant with a couple of small dining rooms and terrace which are very elegantly decorated.

La Penna de Orca - Rome, Italy
4.La Penna de Orca - Rome, Italy
Its a very small restaurant with the chef being the owner.Seafood is the speciality of this restaurant and you can get taste souffles and its planty of variety.

5.Fuor d'Acqua - Florence, Italy
This is one of the popular restaurant of Florence. If you love to eat seafood,then don't go anywhere else, this is the best choice.You can leave yourself in their hands to recommend the multiple course dinner.

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