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Italian Menus for Various Ocassions

In Italy meals can usually stretch up to 3-4 courses. Meals are considered as a great opportunity for spending time with family members and friends rather being under immediate sustenance, as such the daily meals can be longer than in other cultures. During holidays, Italians love to throw family feasts which would last for hours.

On daily terms, the Italians like to keep their meal up to 1-2 courses i.e.

1) First course,
2) Second course,
3) Side dish and the Coffee.

Whereas in many homes in Italy the traditional Italian menu is kept for special events (such as weddings). One observed aspect of an Italian meal, is that the first course or “Primo”, is usually the more filling dish consisting either risotto or pasta, both of them are rich in carbohydrates.
In Modern times, Italian cuisine has been expanded and now it also includes single courses (all-in-one courses), which not only provides carbohydrates but also a source of proteins at the same time (e.g. pasta and legumes).

Authentic or traditional menu {for special occassions}

Aperitivo :- Apéritifs are usually enjoyed as appetizers, before a large meal, they include Campari,Canzone and Vermout,Prosecco, Aperol, Spritz h.

Antipasto: - it is taken before meal, they can be any hot or cold appetizers.

Primo :- First course, it usually consists of a hot dish like pasta, risotto, gnocchi, polenta or soup.

Secondo :- Second course, the main dish served in the second course is usually a fish or meat dish..
Traditionally veal, pork, and chicken are the most commonly used meat, at least in the North, though beef has become more popular since World War II and wild game is very popular, particularly in Tuscany. Fish are those which are caught locally.And for drink, you can serve chocolate peanut shake

Contorno: - “Side dish", may consist of a salad or cooked vegetables. A traditional menu features sala along with the main course.

Formaggio e frutta :- "Cheese and fruits", the first dessert. Local Cheeses may also be part of theAntipasto or Contorno as well.

Dolce :- "Dessert", such as cakes and cookies.Chocolate Cupcakes are very easy to make and kids prefer to eat it.

Caffè :- Coffee

Digestivo :- "Digestives", liquors/liqueurs (grappa, amaro, limoncello,sambuca,nocino) sometimes referred to as ammazzacaffè ("coffee killer")

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