Monday, May 3, 2010

Chocolate Salami

A salute of chocolate to food lovers, very yummy and tempting, this dessert is very popular in Italian Families and very frequently eaten in the evening time with coffee. Very good to eat and fast to cook gives you a perfect delight . So here is very tempting Chocolate Salami for you. You can serve eight people , it takes 30 min to cook.

Chocolate Salami

All you need is :

100 g of Dark chocolate 85% cocoa can be used
100 g of Sugar
30 ml of Dark rum
300 g of Rich tea biscuits
2 Eggs
150 g of Butter (unsalted)

Cut butter into pieces, make it warm to room temperature.
Put the chocolate pieces into small bowl and melt it .Use bain marie method.
Stir it with spoon, when it melted completely remove it and let it be cooled.
Put biscuits in a bowl and crumb it.
Now work butter with an electric whisk and add ingredients.
Add sugar and eggs, now whisk it, further add melted chocolate.
Now add Rum and whisk, shift the mixture into another bowl that contains biscuit crumbs.
Mix the mixture properly.
Result should be chocolate dough.
Mould the dough in the shape of salami, put on a layer of cling film an wrap it. Press it to make compact, seal the sides and put it to the fridge for two hours.
Now take out and slice it.

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