Monday, May 31, 2010

Seafood risotto

Yummy recipe that is going to make your day as well as make your mouth watering, just arrived from the kitchen of Italy yes this is Seafood risotto, such a delicious recipe that will surely send you to the moon,very easy and fast to cook and good to eat.So try it

Seafood risotto
All you need :

500 g Seafood selection
350-400 g Carnaroli rice
2 Cloves of garlic
75 ml of Extra virgin olive oil
1 Chili
1 Shallot should be finely chopped
30 ml of Tomato puree
100 ml of White wine
A small handful of flat leaf parsley (roughly chopped)
1 Litre of hot fish stock - 2 stock cubes
2.5 ml of Cracked black pepper
Salt for seasoning

Seafood risotto
How to make:

Firstly defrost the frozen fish then pat it with dry paper.Then take 500 g of dry seafood. Now put the olive oil in the pan, heat then add chili and garlic, let
garlic becomes golden at gentle heat. When it becomes golden remove it out of the pan, after that take out the chili. Make the heat medium, then add seafood to the pan, cook it for 2-3 min and stir well. After 2-3 min remove the seafood from heat and put it into a bowl. Keep aside, then back to the pan here you will get flavoured oil. Add finely chopped shallot and rice,make the rice completely coated
with oil, it will become translucent cook for 2-3 min.Then ad wine it will evaporate.
Make the heat medium and add stock, add it at the rate of a couple of
ladlefuls at a time.

Add more when it is absorbed, carry it out for about 15 min, dont leave the pan alone. Add tomato puree,stir and distribute it evenly,then add stock as
required, then add seasoning-pepper and salt. After 15 min add seafood to pan and make the heat high. From now taste the rice every min, until it becomes al dente.When the stock is absorbed completely add half ladle When the rice is cooked perfectly add parsley and stir. Now it is ready to serve . Enjoy!

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